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Put Brand Into Play

Once you’ve identified your buyer personas, use them to position their company, website, and social media presence to

  • Develop highly targeted content that appeals to buyers’ needs, goals, and interests.

  • Place content in the channels where prospective buyers are most likely see them.

  • Design products and services that are better suited to the target persona.

  • Improve the quality of the persona over time by examining your customer base and refining the persona accordingly.

  • Attract better, more qualified leads. That maximizes Return On Investment.

Segmenting and personalizing of a Brand.

Online, a Brand has the ability to know enough about their customer’s history that they can automatically create segmented, personalized experiences for them. for example, a customer bought three fly fishing rods from a sporting goods website, that should inform the types content you provide, which pages and products you show them, and which special offers you email them.

Providing content on a wide variety of different niche topics that apply to your industry gives you greater opportunity to figure out what their potential customers are interested in, based on the content that they express interest in.

Continuing with the website of our sporting good example, let’s say that, rather than buying fly fishing rods, the customer downloads a video that demonstrates the best casting techniques. You can then send them another video on the best baits to use, or the types of fish they might expect to catch. This would be a different response than if they had downloaded a video on baseball equipment – in which case you might send them another video profiling famous baseball players. The more content you provide, the easier it is to establish the customer’s interest and then nurture that interest.

Internet Branding

Internet branding has come up with several advantages.

  1. Strengthening customer relationship.

  2. Developing brand alliances.

  3. Diversifying the brand meaning

And as a result, their engagement will increase. As you target customers more effectively, they’ll take more actions, share more readily with their social networks, and engage with your brand in a more cohesive experience.


Content for Coming Weeks –
  • Social Presence

  • How to Building a Brand Voice

  • Site Structure and Appearance

  • Monitoring Your Brand

  • Measuring the Brand

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