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Case Studies

We always think about the bigger picture and ensure that every touch-point is consistent with the product’s larger vision

Robocura, one of the leading Manufacturer and suppliers of beautifully designed massage chairs; commenced it’s business activities in the year 2016 with a variety of quality products.

Robocura products



Client – Robocura
Services – Logo Design, Catalog Design, Photo & Videos
Link: www.robocura.com


Iorganic is is naturally produced without antibiotics, synthetic growth hormones, and toxic pesticides. It has a rich flavour, creamy texture, and that beautiful aroma, “It tastes like milk should taste” We know you will agree!


Of green pastures, shady trees, and a playing flute. Of beautiful sunsets and tinkling cowbells as the shepherd returns home. Iorganic hearkens back to days of greener fields and cleaner waters when man and nature existed in harmony under a blue sky.



Matrix is a company specializing in creating and designing modern stainless steel products. Located in Haryana with a branch office in New Delhi and Chandigarh. They manufacture and distribute products across India.


The companies dream is to be the outcome of a 30-year-old family, who is now a veteran steel sheet rolling business. with an aspiration to create a beautiful world with beautiful things, the Brand matrix was launched in India way back in the year 2003.



Winchef Pvt. Ltd. Is an Indian brand with global acclaim and is dedicated to manufacturing world-class Cookware for Kitchens.

winchef branding



Client – Winchef
Services – Logo Design, Catalog Design, Photo & Video


We also provide services that explore the working environment and the quality of life you are living at your workplace. Here are some glimpses of photo shoots developed by FDS for different organization which help them to feature in magazines and for other purposes.


NSDC post banner


JAI SHREE STATIONERS PVT. LTD. was established in the year 2005. It is an accomplished and dependable stationery manufacturer that makes the best use of leading-edge technology, holds to ethical principles and ensures the efficient and on-time supply and export of consignment.


dataking 1




The companies leading brand, “DATAKING” is well known in the Indian market and caters to all kinds of School, homes, Office, and Institutional needs.


We at FDS have helped them build their brand by providing video catalogs, stationery Designs like diaries, folders, etc. along with their catalog Designs and photo shoots.


Client – Data King
Services – Branding, Packaging Design, Product Design, Catalog, and Photography
Link: www.dataking-global.com


MANSAA is a startup based in Gurgaon working towards building great IoT products. IoT stands for Internet of Things, it is also referred to as the Internet of Everything (IOE). In simple terms, it means that any device that basically has an on/off switch will be connected to the internet in one way or the other.

mansaa 1


We have been Designing Artwork, Branding, and Photo & video shoots for them.

Client – Mansaa
Services – Photography, Branding, Catalog, Packaging Design and Video.
Link: www.mansaa.io


Rizol Petro Products Pvt. Ltd. Performance in India has earned the trust of all the regions of India and established it as a preferable design petroleum product manufacturer.


We have been designing artworks, doing photo & video shoot for them from the past three years.


Client – Rizol
Services –  Logo Design, Catalog Design, Posters, Photo & Corporate Video.
Link: www.rizolpetro.com


Little Nap Designs Pvt. Ltd. Is an Indian brand with global acclaim and is dedicated to manufacturing world-class recliners for Living Room, Home Theatres, and Cinema etc.

liitle nap 3

little nap 2

Client – Little Nap Recliners
Services – Logo Design, Catalog Design, Photo & Videos
Link: www.littlenap.in


Empire techno started in 1985 and emerged as India’s leading supplier of Machinery, Equipment’s and tire manufacturers. Empire Techno is committed to manufacturing the finest machines with the highest quality standards.

empire techno


Client – Empire Techno
Services – Photography & Corporate Brochure.