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How To Monitor Your Brand

On the internet, and particularly on social media, anyone and everyone can talk about your brand and reach a huge audience. Brand monitoring is the solution for keeping on top of this.

To monitor a brand effectively in the inbound age, you need the first-touch attribution, the last-touch attribution, and everything in between. In other words, you need closed-loop analytics.

For all of this, you’ll need multi-channel, closed-loop analytics with in-depth reports to give you the full view of what efforts are supporting your branding initiatives and, most importantly, that your branding initiatives are driving real business results.

How to Track Your Brand on Social

As we mentioned already, it’s literally impossible to cover everything being said about a Brand. However, we also mentioned that there are tools to help you. Google has super-Herculean servers and web crawlers, which make keeping tabs on your brand online much simpler, with tools like Google Alerts or even HubSpot’s social monitoring software. Input terms you need to track that is important for brand management.

These are the terms that encompass:

• Company name.

• Names of key executives, public-facing employees, or other prominent people connected with your company.

• Branded names of products, services, or features.

You now have a good handle on how, when, and where your brand is mentioned online.

Responding when things Gone wrong

Develop a response plan and assign teams to handle each outcome. Which types of crises will which teams handle? For instance, a technical glitch would probably go to your IT department, whereas a dissatisfied customer might go to customer service.

Any crisis or PR disaster can be smoothed over, but the longer you wait to respond, the longer the negative press has a chance to spread, with nothing to quench the flames.

That’s what the holding statement is for—to buy the time to get things right and respond in the best possible way,

Leveraging the Good

The web is as neutral territory as you’re likely to find. It presents as many opportunities for good publicity as it does for, well or less-good publicity. Use social media monitoring to take life’s lemons and make some cool, refreshing lemonade. They don’t even have to be your lemons.

Look for opportunities to turn someone else’s loss into your gain (tactfully, of course), and shine the spotlight on your marketing savvy.


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