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Measuring Your Brand

When someone visits your website, reads your blog, and downloads your e-book, Do you know if they ultimately bought what you are selling

If someone likes your Facebook page, how much revenue does that translate to?

If someone retweets a brand’s tweet, does that make the cash registering?

When someone visits your website, reads your blog, and downloads your e-book, Do you know if they ultimately bought what you are selling?

Without closed-loop marketing metrics, you cannot know the answers to any of these questions. They are isolated incidents which may be related, or they may not. Closed-loop marketing lets you see what happened from the first click at the top of the funnel to the “Buy Now” click at the bottom of the funnel, and everything in between.

Brand awareness is not enough. You may be aware of the Rolls Royce brand, but chances are you haven’t bought one. So how valuable is that brand awareness to Rolls Royce or its marketers? Awareness, unless followed at some point by consideration, intention, and the purchase is worthless. And if you don’t understand the ROI of your own branding initiatives, you’ll never be able to demonstrate their value to executives and other teams at your company.

A large social reach means larger social amplification, which gets your content out there to the people who will eventually contribute to your bottom line. Additionally, maintaining an email list of evangelists – people who love your brand, will forward your content, but will never buy it – is similarly valuable.


understanding first-touch attribution is extremely useful in improving your top-of-the-funnel marketing efforts. Knowing whether a lead came to your website as the result of an organic search or because they were tipped off to one of your Facebook posts by a colleague will help you concentrate your marketing and it’s messaging where it will resonate best.

HubSpot’s Analytics tool is excellent for measuring the overall impact of branding campaigns.

The Attribution Report tool lets you analyze:

  • What the critical touchpoints were that led to conversions.

  • What to Measure and Analyze.

  • Which marketing campaigns generated the most sales.

  • What actions generated the highest quality leads.

To get precise monitoring conversations it’s essential that look to your links. If you want to analyze the source of any conversion, the best way to do it is through link tracking. We recommend tools like Rebrandly in tandem with Google Analytics or HubSpot’s social monitoring software.

Here are some specific metrics you can use to measure individual aspects of your branding efforts
  • Learn which landing pages result in the highest purchase volumes and most lucrative average sales per customer.

  • See which blog content drives the most comments, social shares, and inbound links. While leads are great, the content that is commented on and shared the most is often an indicator of success.

  • Find the type of social media content which results in the most engagement, and track whether that engagement ever leads to revenue-driving behaviour in the future, and at what rate.

  • Determine which keywords, short and/or long-tail, result in the most click-through to your landing pages. If you’re running paid campaigns, these are excellent venues to experiment with new brand elements, such as a new tagline, or a new value proposition, to see if it resonates and drives revenue.

  • Test which links get the highest click-through rates on different platforms and make sure they’re up to date, regardless of what campaign you’re currently running.

  • Find out which email content drives the most forwards and re-conversion. and to what segment of your list that content goes, so you can better align future email campaigns with other content that elevates your brand.


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  • How to Building a Brand Voice

  • Site Structure and Appearance

  • Monitoring your Brand


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