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Great Content Great Brand

Every piece of content you publish online defines your brand. So, great content = great brand. Boring content = Boring brand.


When developing your content strategy, ask yourself:
  • Does this piece of the content address their pain points?

  • Is this tone appropriate for the subject matter and reader of this content?

  • Is this the format in which they like to consume their content?

  • Do they trust the way you’re presenting your content, or are they unsure whether they should click on your links in the first place?

If should be answering “Yes” to all of those questions before you publish any piece of content. Even if a piece of content isn’t directly harmful to your brand from a PR perspective, it can still be harmful from a brand dilution perspective.

Everything you release under a particular brand contributes to the audience’s overall view of that brand and will affect it either positively or negatively. Therefore, every single piece of content needs to be vetted.

Social Presence
Brands need a variety of forums in which to interact with customers,

You’re no doubt familiar with the most prominent social media sites, but here’s a basic rundown on how best to use them in targeting customers.

FACEBOOK: Facebook Page will help you develop and foster a sense of community between you and your customers. Facebook is best used for visual content, links, and community building/engagement.

INSTAGRAM: Instagram branding creativity and can be used in grabbing users’ attention, connect with them, and even encourage them to post pictures related to your brand. you’ve only got the one link to work with, using a branded link in your bio will allow you to update the destination URL you send customers to as often as you want. Even better, you can always stay on brand.

YOUTUBE: YouTube a social media site and content platform. Use YouTube for everything from broadcasting one-on-one interviews or round table discussions, to product demonstrations, to short films, to entertaining news jacks of pop culture events that will help elevate your brand.

LINKEDIN: LinkedIn is an important platform for any B2B business. Not only it is a tool to help you forge connections, but it’s also a lead generator and a place to assert your company’s thought leadership position. you can use it to showcase what your brand to offer about the topics that are important to your target audience.

TWITTER: Twitter gives you a platform to communicate in an informal, personable way – even if that’s not how your brand usually operates. Brands that really understand twitter are ones that make their tweets humorous or offer tips that will help customers with their pain points.


Content for Coming Weeks –
  • How to Building a Brand Voice

  • Site Structure and Appearance

  • Monitor your brand on Social Media,

  • Measuring your Brand

  • Responding When Things Go Wrong

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