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Make Your Brand Speak

The Tone of your Brand is equivalent to your Brand Personality

The voice you establish for your own business is an integral part of your Website, Blog, Social media presence, Email Campaigns, and everything. The voice in your content should reflect how you want your brand to be perceived by the audience. for example, the blog might take on a light, snappy tone. If it’s more socially conscientious, like Starbucks, then the voice might be a bit more serious. Your voice and its cadence may also vary slightly from one medium to another.

  • For a more comprehensive example, let’s look at Progressive Insurance. In their television commercials and homepage, both of which tend to interface with customers at or near the top of the funnel, Progressive’s tone is light and playful. Their spokes-character, Flo, is hyper, bright, and cheery.

  • On Progressive’s blog, however, the tone, while not heavy, is much more serious. Here, the company is getting into the nuts and bolts of shopping for insurance, offering safety tips for boating or bad weather, and the humour is scaled back in this channel geared towards the middle or bottom of the funnel.

  • On Progressive’s Facebook page, the insurance carrier is a little bit of both serious and playful, the way any community might be. On Christmas Eve, Progressive ran a poll: “Christmas candy or Christmas cookies?” Just before New Year’s Eve, the page offered a gentle reminder about the increase in auto accidents caused by drinking and driving.

The voice of your brand should naturally adjust to suit the medium in which the content is being published, as well as to the people you are attracting to those particular media.

Site Structure and Appearance

What are site structure and appearance let’s understand it with an example: A grocer will place food staples such as milk and produce at the back of the store. Why? So that customers will have to pass by and view a myriad of other “excess” items before they get to the essentials – what they really needed in the first place. High-profit impulse items such as candy and snacks are placed in the checkout line for easy access while you wait. Likewise, your website is your store, and your content is the inventory. It needs to be structured for maximum impact.

Getting the right structure and appearance for a brand’s content from call-to-action buttons to e-books plays a significant role in determining the brand’s success. Keep these tips in mind when structuring websites and digital content to support a Brand strategy:


Do your research. Perform A/B testing to see how prospects will actually use the site and content, and structure them that way. The content and the links between them should flow organically from Point A to Point B to Point C.


Placing a C-T-A (call-to-action) button middle-of-the-funnel for premium content alongside content for higher-margin services will increase qualified leads and move them one step further along the sales cycle.


Include share links on all your blog posts, videos, and other shareable content and within premium content to help you to spread the word about your brand and content. That way, you can reach other, like-minded people who would also enjoy their brand.


Keep your site structure and folders organized so your page URLs don’t get messy. Neat links look more appealing and search engines prefer them. But failing this, you can always make sure to shorten and brand them before sharing.


Prominent placement on web-pages of content explaining higher-margin products and services will result in more leads for those products and services. Be certain that the value proposition is clear on every page and in all the content offered for download.


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