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5 Small Video’s That’s Make a Big Difference To Your Brand

Hi, I’m Manish Soni with scale up your brand and I have a company named Fusion Design Studio photography that specializes in marketing videos.

Today we are talking about – 5 different types of videos that will make you different from your competition.

1. About us style- This means, almost every company has an about us page. But no one reads it on the other hand if you show the video while explaining- What you do, what do you offer, which who you work with. In short, make the video extremely professional and really relevant to your brand.
2. FAQ(Frequently Asked Question)- Every company has the same question on their emails, Whatsapp, instead of responding to all those texts you can make a professional video while answering all those questions at once.
3. Product or Service Demo- This is when you have a product or something of that kind or something that is revolutionary or something that is not simple to understand or visually difficult to understand. A demonstration is perfect whether it is an online or offline product.
4. Customer testimonial video, you need to have some testimonials in your corporate video.
5. And finally an explainer video. It happens when you have complicated processes or events you just need to explain what your business does, how your business operates. You need to turn a complicated process into something simple. Explaincccccer videos are great for education and helping your customers understand exactly what you do.
Now that you know what makes a big difference in your corporate video, to see how can we help you in the corporate videos, please call us on 93119 01022 or book a slot for a free consultation.

Thank you so much from scale up your brand.

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